5 questions you should ask your business before the talent surge strikes

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5 questions you should ask your business before the talent surge strikes

Despite high hopes and expectancy, 2021 was another volatile and defining year for the workplace. With the aftermath of the global pandemic, we saw businesses change direction, refocus, and in some cases – redesign entire teams. This made it challenging for Talent Acquisition leaders to keep up, as they found themselves left with outdated hiring strategies which didn’t meet the needs of their Hiring Managers and an ever-changing business. In addition to skill shortages and increasing salary bills, many organisations were in no way as assured as they had planned to be.

Huge demand and little time?

As we launch ourselves positively into 2022, we know there is a continued war on talent, so with the impeding surge in people looking for new work opportunities, the time to plan is now. But where do you start with such huge demand and so little time to process and shape it? This is where RTM can support you.

We find many clients struggle when it comes to answering key questions on the foundations that underpin their talent strategy, but as people experts, we have the resources and data to lead to strong decision-making moves for your business.

We can build you a fit for purpose talent strategy, by first asking these 5 critical questions:


1. Where do your teams need to be based to deliver the best results?

Strongly considering hybrid working is critical in this market to secure talent since flexible working has become the norm for most. Monitoring what is being offered in the market currently will help identify options to ensure it is quicker and more cost-effective to mobilise resource.

2. How is your candidate experience?

When internal resource and availability is low, candidate experience takes the hit. There is huge value in a great journey with a brand, which is why candidates and recruiters are putting this at the top of their job agenda this year. A thorough review of your current experience, from advert through to hire, is critical to position you as an employer of choice.

3. Are your salaries competitive?

Although the role description, work culture, and benefits package carry huge weighting in a potential candidate’s decision-making process, salary benchmarking is equally as attractive due to the sheer demand or quality and expertise. We are seeing an uptick in companies wanting to understand more about the external market and what their competitors are doing, to come up with unique and creative ways to engage top talent.


4. Do you know who you need to hire and when?

Understanding demand planning can be a challenge, but this will help scope the proactive areas to focus on. We work with clients to support them on building talent pools with a strong marketing plan underneath to engage with future talent. But finding a way to manage these talent communities is as important, and in some cases as much work as identifying candidates for live roles.


5. How reliable is your current process & reporting?

When it comes to driving and optimising your recruitment process, it is critical to measure how much of your activity is data-driven and how confident you are in the information being generated. Poor data quality, inaccurate reporting and lack of market research can be a serious barrier to business success, so by identifying the weak spots and continuously improving all processes and outcomes, we are able to make sure our clients stay ahead of the race.

As we are now in the second month of 2022, talent will continue to be critical to help businesses recover and ultimately, grow stronger. For companies to do this Talent Acquisition leaders must focus on attraction, retention, and service, placing that at the heart of everything they do.


Our experts

“I have 24 years’ experience in recruitment, and I have never seen a market like this, I am sure many TA leaders will say the same. But in my role at RTM, I aim to offer clients tangible solutions to their problem statements, that help them become the employer of choice in their market.”

- Tania Edwards | RTM Director | Projects

For more information on how RTM can work with you on Project Hiring and workforce surges, please reach out to Tania or get in touch with RTM solutions here.
Tania Edwards Director RTM Projects
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