Navigating the Creative Skills Landscape of 2023: What's leading the way in talent?

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Navigating the Creative Skills Landscape of 2023: What's leading the way in talent?

The Advertising and Creative industries, including Film& TV are more and more being referred to as the ‘Creative Economy’. According to Deloitte, this economy is large and growing, and it’s likely to become a key driver of economic growth, as governments across the globe are still trying to recover from the economic downturn associated with the past 24 months.

Defined by innovation across all departments, the Advertising & Creative industries are set to evolve, as new sectors are set to emerge. In their core, these fields underline the cultural representation of human experiences, through innovative approaches and policies. And this is set to translate in their hiring strategy more and more.

Changes and challenges posed by emerging technologies

Responding to the demand and growth means that many creative companies are making increasing use of emerging technologies, to launch new digital propositions. Such technologies require specialist talent, that can enable these propositions to kick off and impress the audience.  

One of the most significant changes in 2023 is how companies within the creative economy are hiring people. Traditional recruitment practices are set to be supplemented by fresh and personalised content, that showcases a coherent image of the brand, as well as using different tools that enable an omni-channel experience, to attract and delight candidates.

However, as global prices rise - impacting consumer spend and advertising, hiring teams’ budgets will be significantly reduced. Planning could be optimised through improved data application and more effective use of recruitment tools. But with so many developing technologies and risen expectations, working with an outsourcing partner like Rethink, can significantly reduce the cost of hiring, whilst improving the quality of candidates in the pipeline.

High demand skills in Creative and Advertising:

·      Data Communication / Storytelling

·      Video Production and Editing

·      Creative Thinking

·      Project Management

·      Animation

·      Strategy and Trade Advocacy

·      UXDesign

·      ContentStrategy

·      Interactive Graphic Design

·      Market Research

Developing meaningful talent partnerships

An outsourcing partner can help Advertising and Creative companies’ hiring strategy in several ways. As a proven model in these markets, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) helps streamline and automate the recruitment process. In a nutshell, it’s enabling these businesses to find qualified candidates quickly and easily for their open positions.

Additionally, with an outsourcing partner, companies can save time and money, by eliminating the need for manual recruitment processes or relying on costly third-party recruiters. We have seen great outcomes from such partnerships, with some of the global agencies in this space now having access to a larger talent pool, where they can find the best-suited candidates for the job quickly.

When it comes to diversity, there are several benefits highlighted by our customers. The first one is leveraging networks to reach out to a wider range of candidates than an employer could on their own, thus identifying more diverse talent pools. Such a recruitment partner can also identify and suggest best practices for a more inclusive recruitment process, from job postings and interviews to onboarding and retention. Adding on, an RPO partner will not only help employers track their diversity goals and measure progress but provide data-driven insights that help companies understand where their diversity efforts are succeeding and where they need to be improved.

Such partnerships also offer predictive analytics and insights, allowing companies to make more informed decisions when it comes to hiring the retaining the best talent.  

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Authored by
Andra-Bianca Muntean
Digital Marketing Manager

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