The Great Rethink: is it time for you to Rethink too?

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The Great Rethink: is it time for you to Rethink too?

There’s been a lot of ‘Greats’ in our time. The Great Wall of China. The Great Escape. The Great Gatsby. The Great British Bake Off. And more recently in the world of recruitment. The Great Resignation… (although not such a Great one if you ask most businesses.)

However, the one thing about ‘Greats’ is they tend to get quickly overtaken by the next new Great on the scene. Introducing: 'The Great Rethink'.

At Rethink we already know we’re great. And our clients would agree too. But since 'The Great Rethink' seems to be the latest phrase to emerge, we thought we’d take a closer look into what this means and how this could actually be a positive trend for your business.

What’s so Great about talent right now?

To understand all this greatness, let’s first rewind to the phrase that dominated our LinkedIn feeds in 2021-2022…

The Great Resignation: an ongoing economic trend in which employees have voluntarily resigned from their jobs en masse, beginning in early 2021 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also known as the ‘Big Quit’ this term would lead you to believe that hordes of people were storming out of employment to go on strike and spending their days joining workforce protests. The reality in fact, was that people were simply swapping jobs, which was more of a ‘Great Reshuffle’ (another Great) which immediately sounds less unnerving.

For 2023, we’ve started to see a tweaked version of this phrase emerge, bringing a more curious perspective…

The Great Rethink: based around employees reconsidering their job roles based on the employer culture, opportunities available and purpose it gives them.

Effectively all these ‘Great’ phrases are talking about the same thing: a significant movement of talent in the workplace. However, we find this latest focus on purpose an interesting one, as often it’s not a new job that a person is looking for, but a different approach to doing their job. Taking simple steps such a providing clearer objectives, refocusing of goals, changing to a new working methodology, and creating a new team strategy is often all that’s needed to reinspire and motivate.  

Rethink what ‘Great’ looks like

At Rethink, we feel 'The Great Rethink', opens an opportunity not just for employees, but for businesses themselves to reassess their strategy, goals, and purpose.

While it can be overwhelming to think about transformation as a whole, ignoring the smaller opportunities to enhance and optimise could lead your best talent to rethink their purpose in a company that’s reluctant to change.

As a people focussed business our team of expert talent problem solvers fuel businesses with the tools they need to tackle change that ultimately leads to growth. Here’s some ways you can Rethink what great looks like for your business. To help you answer these questions, here’s the dictionary definition.

great, /ɡreɪt/ adjective

1.    of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average

2.   of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above average

adverb, INFORMAL

1.    very well; performed excellently

So on the scale of Greatness, how Great is your…

In-house recruitment

It’s a huge job building, implementing, and delivering a permanent workforce successfully, and with People and Recruitment teams being stretched further and further, attempting to run everything in-house can lead talent teams to bursting point.

Contractor management

Hiring temp talent has a wealth of pros, from the ability to scale quickly, make instant impact, and keeping costs down. But things can go very wrong when your contingent workforce aren’t properly managed. Do you have complete control, governance, and visibility over your contractors and freelancers?

Leadership team

Great leaders don’t just knock on your door. Having the right seniors and execs steering your business will not only drive results but retain your best talent.

Diversity hiring

No-one has perfected their approach to diversity hiring. Not having a sourcing solution set up that specifically focuses on diversity groups of interest and provides a constant supply of diverse, quality candidates is immediately going to set you back on what great looks like.

Projects scope

Exciting projects, product or service launches usually go hand in hand with an unplanned need for talent. Having peak hiring support already in the pipeline means you hit the ground running during workforce surges.

Data and reporting

In our years of experience, we know that all recruitment functions have had their fair share of bad data and bad visualisation tools. Greatness is having the trust in your data and reporting to make strong decisions.


Not feeling so Great? Or need some help reaching the next level of Greatness? Perhaps it’s time for you to Rethink too.

Authored by
Katey-Rose Gregory
Content Marketing Manager

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