Deborah Boardman

Deborah Boardman

Group Director | Operations

"Loyalty and ethics mean the world to me and this applies to my family, my employer, my client, my candidate. If I give my word, it is my bond and I cannot jeopardise that trust by making a commitment to deliver that I may not be able to honour. Rethink’s values sync completely and our collective care and passion about delivering appropriate, tailored and successful hiring solutions provides clients and candidates with an experience they should quite rightly expect and deserve."

About me

Writing an "about me" section has been a big challenge for me. I’m a nightmare as I’ve done a bit of everything over the last 24 years! I’m not quite a “Jack of all trades and a master of none” as having lived in the worlds of a Recruitment Agency business, an Outsourcing Solutions business, and my own independent Consulting business, I genuinely have worked across a broad spectrum of operations.

I collided with the world of recruitment by accident, being hired by a business who wanted a language graduate looking to set up an operation in Brussels. I fell in love from day one and remain impassioned by how recruitment professionals can support businesses to achieve their corporate objectives via the engagement and hiring of the right people.

Recruitment has previously been under respected as a profession, and by that I mean, when someone needs Finance support they go to Finance, when someone needs Legal support they go to Legal, but when someone needs Recruitment support - everyone becomes an expert in Recruiting. Thankfully, times have changed and businesses the globe over, now recognise that Talent Acquisition & Resourcing holds its own place in the professional world and is a function that is not only required but business critical.

Key clients & projects

I have been extremely fortunate to work with many amazing businesses (too many to name them all!) but CAP Gemini, Thales, BAE Systems, Morrisons, Four Seasons Healthcare, Capco, Amazon, and Chelsea Football Club all feature in my list.

Projects have ranged from straight forward recruitment programmes of work to secondment projects; recruitment supply chain & procurement, international healthcare resource programmes and government driven employability & hiring. Additionally, I have supported both the transition of outsourcing services from one provider to another, to the building of an entirely new service contractor solution.

Direct Sourcing Solutions – you may or may not need a full outsource, so whether you have a sophisticated TA team in situ or not, I can provide the firepower from a Sourcing perspective. I am a problem solver, and will provide you with the “fix” you require, not one that you don’t need! I centre myself around providing a solution that makes all parties happy and take pride in helping you get to the place where you want to be.


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We access the talent that our clients can’t reach, allowing them to scale their business and grow in a fiercely competitive market.

Our approach to the market

Candidate Experience

A professional initial approach with follow up and feedback provided – always.Transparent timeline and expectations.Advice and feedback through each step of the process.


We take a more flexible approach to pricing our search work than the traditional 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 retained model.

Interim cover

If you need an Interim to cover a role as we search for it, we can typically provide that also.

We will help you develop detailed role requirements, desired outputs and core competencies, then use this tocreate a strategic campaign that attracts the executive talent you are looking for.