Lee Stebbings

Lee Stebbings

Director | MSP

“More than ever HR teams are being made responsible to manage their temporary talent, usually for the first time in their careers. We bring the resource and expertise to own and manage those contractors effectively, providing controlled, risk-free, rapid access to talent. We pride ourselves on overserving our customers, enabling you to consistently overachieve in sourcing the best talent to deliver your business strategy.”

About me

I joined Rethink 14 years ago as an Account Manager and now lead our MSP business, managing and delivering non-permanent talent across our customer base. I have experience in directing scalable outsourcing operations, including the management and direction of customers such as Shell, Discovery, Boots, M&S, Vodaphone and Warner Music Group.

I’m passionate about outsourcing, solving problems for our customers, as navigating a contingent workforce is never easy. Delivering world-class recruitment and talent services to our customers is my thing.

Key clients & projects

Discovery - enterprise scale MSP, underpinned by leading VMS, delivering top contract talent for every worker type across the business.

Shell - global comprehensive MSP solution to ensure delivery, onboarding and management of creative talent.

Warner Music Group - full contingent worker MSP, that solved the business’s IR35 issues and enabled the brand to succeed in talent acquisition.

Contractor talent problem solving of any size or level.


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We access the talent that our clients can’t reach, allowing them to scale their business and grow in a fiercely competitive market.

Our approach to the market

Candidate Experience

A professional initial approach with follow up and feedback provided – always.Transparent timeline and expectations.Advice and feedback through each step of the process.


We take a more flexible approach to pricing our search work than the traditional 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 retained model.

Interim cover

If you need an Interim to cover a role as we search for it, we can typically provide that also.

We will help you develop detailed role requirements, desired outputs and core competencies, then use this tocreate a strategic campaign that attracts the executive talent you are looking for.