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Case Study


“Rethink have proven to be a true partner, understanding our business nuances to offer a bespoke solution that will transform the way in which we engage and manage our non-permanent workforce for the UK in the future. I’m excited to see the results over the coming months.”

- Senior Director of Talent Acquisition | International @ Discovery


Because of the nature of its business, Discovery Channel UK employs a number of contingent workers through numerous suppliers, including an internal supply organisation. The supplier involvement in the recruitment process resulted in hidden workers, increased costs, and an overall lack of visibility, and as a result, recruitment decisions were misinformed.


Discovery had 3 suppliers, each one managing a different pool of workers including freelancers; resulting in no one source of truth. There was no cost control around contingent recruitment and a lack of governance over their suppliers.


Our contractor management solution showed Discovery how they could consolidate all suppliers into one programme, providing them with complete control, governance, and visibility over their contingent workforce.

An Account Manager was embedded onsite and worked closely with key stakeholders to manage and source contingent workers and engage with their suppliers.

We replaced the current internal resource supplier, with a fully outsourced programme integrated with anew Vendor Management System (VMS). To ensure smooth transition we facilitated the VMS implementation and conducted supplier and manager training. By training all parties involved in the service, data was captured correctly, and hidden costs were avoided. A single point of contact for all contingent workers now exists, ensuring process standardisation and governance for Discovery recruitment.

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