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“We worked well with RTM, they really took the time to understand our culture and how we work here at Sky. They quickly became a trusted advisor and we worked together fast and at pace, but they always made sure that it was fun.”

- Group HR Operations Director at Sky


Like most big media clients, when Sky originally partnered with Rethink their business targets were focused on 3 key areas: cost, delivery speed and attraction of candidates.

To attract and engage the best in tech talent, the business needed to focus their strategies on high-speed growth, while simultaneously amplifying their current DE&I initiatives.

Sourcing and attracting candidates who were diverse and representative of their customer base - both on and off-screen - was vital for Sky, but they needed a lead talent acquisition strategy to get there.


With an increased demand for hiring specialist tech talent, Sky needed to leverage their brand by sourcing, hiring, and retaining the best talent across a mix of diversity pools. Sky knew how central DE&I hiring was for business growth - with specific targets on acquiring Women in Tech and Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic tech talent - but they lacked the core systems, processes, and capacity to implement effective workforce planning.


We embedded a Sourcing Hub of talent acquisition experts to work onsite with Sky and were able to increase the team of dedicated tech talent experts to super-charge Sky’s sourcing capabilities.

Working to optimise an underutilised Sky owned CRM system, we looked at areas like disclosure rates, to measure, capture and engage diverse talent at the very start of the recruitment funnel.

‘Talent community’ specialists were implemented with set diversity targets in key business sectors, including Tech, Digital, Broadcast, Ecommerce, and Trading. The Sourcing Hub successfully filled critical business continuity roles with gender and ethnicity diverse targets being delivered.  

Disclosure rates increased significantly, and the percentage of proactively sourced candidates also increased, reducing the reliance on applications only. Not only did candidate quality and experience improve, but the business gained a stronger understanding of talent pool diversity.

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