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Tomato Pay


tomato pay, a start up in the Fintech space, needed to scale their business due to a surge of multiple vacancies. They required a cost-effective sourcing and recruiting solution to help meet the demand of several cross-functional hires within​Software Development, Product Management & Design and Sales and Operations.



tomato pay needed a fast, cost-effective, flexible sourcing and recruiter solution quickly. Additionally, there was a need to build a brand-new recruitment process end-to-end, and implement this across a fast-paced, growing start up​.


We moved with agility to identify and deploy an experienced Head of Talent to manage and build the recruitment process as well as conduct sourcing, providing a Total Talent Solution.​ We helped develop a consistent, on brand, and value led recruitment process that was built and implemented within 2 weeks and included an innovative talent pooling strategy​.


As a result of the Project based on demand flexible sourcing solution​:

•      8 new hires were made within the agreed time frame​

•      A new recruitment process was built and installed to fuel future growth​

•      The business was advertised in various new channels with new partnerships to enhance employer brand​

•      The cost saving was in excess of 40% on standard recruitment fees


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